Please read the instructions below before purchasing tickets.
Rules and instructions.
1. The concert tickets can be reserved through online and Cash on Delivery.
2. Due to security reasons, tickets cannot be reserved at the gate on that day.
3. SMS and e-tickets will not be validated on the day of the concert. Only printed tickets issued by our company and the E-ticket that you will bringing (for your online booking) will be valid for the concert. .
4. For online tickets: You will only get an E-ticket instead of a printed ticket for online purchase. It is therefore mandatory to bring a printed copy of the online ticket when you arrive.
5. For Cash On Delivery and pay online and Delivery : In any case, if you misplace the printed ticket issued by our company, we will not reissue the printed ticket and you will not be able to watch the concert in any way.
6. Children over 6 years of age are considered one person.
7. The person who has booked the ticket online must attend the concert with the others.
8. It is compulsory that you take your national identity card.
9. You are responsible for all the others that come with you.
10. We will not refund any ticket money or modify the registered data after the ticket is purchased.
11. The people who bring you for the show, those who are Corona affected, those who are quarantined, and those who are unaccompanied by it should not be in the crowd.
12. The security forces and the health authorities are constantly checking on the information provided by you and are empowered to arrest such persons and persons under the Quarantine Act.
13. You are entering a safe zone and an area that is under intense scrutiny by the health sector.
14. When attending the concert, be sure to follow the safety and health checks to protect yourself and others.
15. It is mandatory for everyone to wear face masks.
16. Always be careful not to walk out of your seat until the concert is over.
17. Traveling to people outside the place where you are sitting is strictly forbidden.
18. The concert is scheduled to start at 6.00 pm. The time may vary slightly due to the weather / Unavoidable circumstances.
19. The concert is held in a safe zone and all visitors are subjected to intense scrutiny. So please arrive early (about an hour early) for the concert.
20. According to the concert organizers, it is mandatory for all visitors to attend the concert within the opening and closing hours. No one will be allowed to enter the concert outside after the entrance doors are closed.
21. Please note that security measures and inspections must all be adapted and may take some time.
22. Since the concert is held in accordance with all health and safety procedures, all of you must follow the instructions provided by the health authorities, and those who do not will be removed from the concert area after the inspection by the health authorities.
23. There is no permission to dispose of garbage on the premises. Please refrain from doing so.
24. Smoking and alcohol usage is strictly prohibited.
25. The security forces are paying close attention to these matters and have powers to evict those who do not support or disobey the security forces.
26. No refunds of tickets or any change of category will be made after the ticket is purchased.
27. We are (My Tickets Pvt Ltd) the official online ticketing partner of the event and My Tickets will not take any responsibility for the event organizing.
28. The decision of the event organizers, security and health authorities is final and My Tickets is not responsible for any inconvenience caused to you by not adhering to the above instructions.

Viharamaha Devi Open Air Theater.

27th September 2020

SILVER_B-LEFT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.1,000.00

SILVER_B-RIGHT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.1,000.00

SILVER_B-BACK_LEFT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.1,000.00

SILVER_B-BACK_RIGHT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.1,000.00

SILVER_C-LEFT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.1,000.00

SILVER_C-RIGHT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.1,000.00

GOLD_A-LEFT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.2,000.00

GOLD_A-RIGHT_2_Seats-Entrance - Rs.2,000.00